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We will be closed from 7/31 to 8/26/2017.  Orders placed online during our closures will be shipped on 8/28/2017.

Since 2009, we've revised the formula and shipping the None-Felt Mat Mark III.  The Mark-3 material is provided with the purchase of complete Speed Donut or Standard Mat.  

We did not go to sleep over our success in the last 2 years, where the None-Felt mat is easily one of the best selling and most popular mats in the vinyl lover communities, and we are flabbergasted there are various knock-off of our None-Felt Mat design all over the Internet - "Copying is the most sincere form of compliment".

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Extremephono Speed Mat in the Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable review (The Absolute Sound, Aug 2006, Pg. 34), ".......the None-Felt Mk-2 and Speed increased the Full Circle's already very good three-dimensionality, and improved definition and transient speed significantly.  Stylistically, this mat and cover look as if they were made expressly for the Full Circle.....

Extremephono Carbon Graphite Mat $119.

ExtremePhono products for vinyl lovers (click here to purchase):

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Best ?  Well, at least a much Better turntable mat

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Solid State' Stylus Cleaner, no more liquid and broken bottles...

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Alloy (non-magnetic) cartridge mounting kit

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Silk-wrapped classic cartridge lead - delicate and musical sounding, very extended and without any trace of hardness.

Feb/Mar 2004, the absolute sound, page 24, Wayne Garcia discussed the None-Felt mat on Rega turntable.

Latest review of Donut Mat appears in Italian hi-fi web-zine: (Italian Original) and English translation.

New and updated: Pictures posted!  Extremephono Tonearm Cable Absolute performance.

Extremephono mat has made the list of "Recommended Components", Oct 2002, and April 2003, Stereophile.

Free Turntable Speed Check Strobe discs (Adobe PDF) has been revised to accurately reflect 33 1/3 RPM in 50/60Hz.

Sam Tellig, August 2002 Stereophile, Pg. 35: "I did use the Donut version on my AR ES-1, which has inner and outer platters, like the Linn.  I was quite impressed...." published a review of 'Solid State' Stylus Cleaner - "...This is one of the best phono tweaks I have seen in several years..".

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