Extremephono Tonearm Cable 

The Crimson Tonearm Cable is now discontinued.  We are offering 1-meter Silver Standard Tonearm Cable at a special price of $275.

High performance 100% machined bronze right-angle DIN, locking RCA plugs

TNT-Audio review on Crimson Tonearm Cable.

Extremephono Tonearm cable is developed to break the performance vs. price barrier.  We are only able to do this by developing a cable that can be manufactured consistently in higher quantity yet offers audiophile performance similar to hand-made cables.

Sound characteristics:

Our Tonearm cable brings a rich and colorful palette of sound.  You'll hear layers of sound, sparkling highs, and wonderful melodic and rhythmic musical lines, with a full soundstage.  Due to the unique construction, the delicate signal from MC cartridge can be preserved and optimally transferred to the phono stage; as a result, the music sounded more punchy and powerful.

A customer's review (Crimson): 

I had replaced my lovable OM30 Ortofon stylus with the OM40 stylus. The
character is much unlike the other Ortofons. It had less warmth but the
increase in dynamics and resolution were breathtaking! Extremely revealing
and nothing like I had heard before. However it now had an aggressive and
somewhat fatiguing sound and coarseness in the midrange on my test LP. I
decided it was time to change the 22 year old interconnects. After a lot of
research over the net. I decided on purchasing the Crimson Tone Arm Cable.
It was one of the better priced cables and its character, as it was
described is what I was looking for. A "tube like" sound. I needed
refinement. I was specifically looking for copper. 

Unfortunately I had to cut the ends off on one side of the cables as my
cables are soldered on internally. I had the option of installing connectors
but why bottle neck the sound? I am glad I didn't because it probably
contributed to the sound greatly.  After I got it connected up by
professionals it was time to play a record.....

All I can say is "Oh my God". It was like a dam had opened up! I had now
even much more dynamics and resolution but this time it was liquid and
smooth, cleaner and richer. There was much more bass and extended crisp and
detailed treble. All coarseness and dryness was gone in the midrange. The
sound was jaw dropping!! Everything is revealed!

With the Crimson it has become 100% neutral and more natural sounding but
much more exciting. With the OM40 you will never get that overly warm sound
and after listening with the Crimson I don't want it. I spent 8 hours that
day listening to my favourite records! That's how good the combination was.

I recently auditioned (with my test LP's)the latest P9 turntable with a $2G
Ortofon moving coil cartridge and the entry level Naim CD player. All
connected to high end amps and cables. I hate to admit this but the Naim
sounded slightly better or on par with the P9. But how did the inexpensive
OM40 moving magnet cartridge and Crimson cable sound in comparison to the
high end components??? My friend came along to witness.

Despite that I have an old amp and speakers the difference was not small but
huge! The P9 combo turntable sounded flat, too warm, more noise and much
less detail. And surprisingly the coarseness in the midrange was back on my
test LP! Full marks to the Crimson there. 

The Naim CD player sounded like it had no soundstage, less resolution and
felt like there was something missing (as with all CD players) compared to
the OM40/Crimson. But it was one of the best sounding CD players I have ever
heard. A very natural sound for a digital player.

After this comparison I have no idea what the fuss is all about in moving
coil cartridges? I can conclude that the OM40 and Crimson cable is a "match
made in heaven". They are inexpensive and giant killers. I thoroughly
recommend the Crimson for high resolution cartridges. This is a high end
cable at a modest price. You will be listening to your music for hours



Silver Standard





Price (MSRP) $275 $250 $295
Conductor Silver plated copper Copper Copper
90-degree Right Angle DIN Yes No No
High quality RCA Yes No Yes
De-stressed Yes No No
30-day performance guaranteed  Yes No No

Money back guarantee - Regardless of any reason, within 30-day, return the item in its original condition for a full-refund.   

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Silver Standard Tonearm Cable (90-DIN to RCA) 1.0 meter SSDIN1 $299 $275

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